Thursday, May 28, 2009

A personal appeal

This morning I received this email from my COO which is dedicated to all staffs. Although I'm not perform well and not submit my appraisal form (I think I should not receive any bonus for my poor performance) I still got bonus for the last year performance unexpectedly. All this from Allah.... Syukran...

Dear All,

I am writing this email in my personal capacity as your colleague in XXXXXX, which I believe is a great company.

I believe by now you should have been advised of the bonus that you will receive as a token of appreciation for your hard work and extra efforts to make this company a better one. I am thankful that we have a good bonus at a time when the world economy including Malaysia is facing great difficulties.

While we are smiling from ear to ear (to quote some emails that I received) and thinking about what we want to do with the bonus money, please do not forget other unfortunate people around us. While our bank account will increase by end of this week, some people outside have very little money in their account. Some of our fellow Malaysian do not receive any bonus, do not have any salary increment and some even have lost their jobs. Some poor people in our kampungs will still wake up in the morning, ready to go for another day to the rubber plantation and sawah padi to work hard all day so that they can support their many children.

While some of our own children will have new toys, new clothes and will go for vacation in a nice place in the coming school holidays, there are orphans out there who not only don't have any place to go, they don't even have anybody to call emak dan ayah. Yet these poor people still give you a warm smile when you meet them.

Please remember how fortunate we are and be thankful of the good thing that we have by helping other poor people who are not as fortunate as us. I appeal to each of you to set aside some of the bonus money to donate and help the poor people in our tamans, our kampungs and our relatives - nephew, nieces, cousins, makciks etc. We can give money to them or buy things such as foods, clothes or other necessities. We can also adopt an orphan or a poor kid by giving them money every month using direct deposit (even RM10 per month will do). Hopefully, they will study hard and grow up to have a better life. We can also donate to charity organisation such as orphanage, Mercy Malaysia etc. Please also remember to give some present to your parents. Without them, you would not even be in this world. All these are simple things to do and very small things for us, but will mean a lot to those people.

For the Muslims, please don't forget to pay zakat on the money you receive.

Above all, thank you very much for the great supports that all of you have given me all these years. It certainly make my works much easier.


  1. Salam. ana sihat? bz sangat yek.. hubby ana klr ke mana? smuga Allah mudahkan urusan ana n ank2 n sentiasa dlm peliharaan Allah.

    p/s- senang2 cal le akak ye. no. hp ana ari tu hilang le. terdelete hehehe

  2. Assalamualaikumm ummu fatimah,
    bagus bos tempat kerja.. memang kebykan kita selalu lupa bila dpt bonus. Selalu pikir diri sendiri je.. org susah kita lupa.. bos ummi fatimah ni ada pikir org lainlah nih..boleh bwk keluar jemaah gak nih..:)

  3. salam ummu fatimah,
    baik hati bos ummu...bagus juga dia mengingatkan kita...kadang kita ni alpa...


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